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Initial Consultation

R 850

During the initial consultation your dietitian will be asking comprehensive questions about your personal medical and dietary history to determine what your nutritional goals are and how to reach them.
- 60 min
- medical and dietary history
- discussion of previous blood tests (if relevant)
- InBody body composition analysis
- discussion of dietary guidelines
An individualized meal plan will follow via email.

Follow up Consultation

R 430

During the 30 min follow up consultations you and your dietitian will discuss progress in terms of health goals, weight goals and changes in body composition, as well as any adjustments needed to be made to your meal plan.

Vitality Consultation

R 430

This 30 min session is an opportunity to start working towards your health goal. You and your dietitian will discuss your dietary habits, basic medical history and InBody body composition analysis.


R 180

During the 10 min session you and your dietitian will conduct and discuss your InBody body composition analysis to see what your health goals might be.

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