Meet the team

As a practice we believe in combining our strengths in order to deliver services of quality and guidance that meet your individual needs


Nadia van Dyk

Raised and schooled in the Helderberg area, I obtained my BSc degree at the University of Stellenbosch graduating in 2006. I have been providing disease therapeutic nutrition for more than 10 years with a special interest in clinical dietetics, post-op surgical care, critical care and renal dietetics.


In 2011 I moved to Bloemfontein where I started my own practice consulting at Universitas Netcare as well as MediClinic Bloemfontein. I consulted patients who were in the ICU, ventilated, malnourished, critically ill and those requiring dietary input pre and  post-surgery.


I moved to back to Somerset West and started my own practice, where I strive to establish a  multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, providing a clinical dietetic service to in-patients at Vergelegen MediClinic, consulting in ICU, surgical and medical wards. I am also CEMMSSA accredited and part of the Vergelegen MediClinic multi-disciplinary bariatric team.

Being a mother of two, I am also passionate about breastfeeding and I'm gaining personal experience in the field of picky-eating on a daily basis.


Leandré Piek

I strive to fully invest in my patient’s well-being and health, which goes way beyond the food we eat. Every goal will be celebrated, big or small.


I completed my BSc. Dietetics degree in 2020 at the University of Stellenbosch, from where I moved to Kakamas, Northern Cape to complete my community service year. There I learned a wide range of skills as I had to run the dietetics department for just over 3 months. Now I can continue my dream-work in the beautiful Somerset West! 


As a dietitian I love to connect with my patients and delve deep into their nutritional needs. Once you step into my office, we will walk the road of nutrition together. I love working with various conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc., as well as weight loss and general healthy eating. I have completed the CDE Foundational Diabetes Course, as well as the CDE Optifast Course, to provide the best care for my clients, and I am constantly looking for opportunities to broaden my knowledge. 


I want to help you make the healthy choice the easiest choice.


Christy Smit

I am passionate about people, our bodies and health, food and being active! I love interacting with people from all backgrounds and empowering them through knowledge to initiate long lasting healthy lifestyle changes.


My goal as a dietitian is to help others, and I believe it goes beyond just our daily food. I aim to help individuals uncover the underlying emotional, relational and social dynamics of their life that cause them to eat and live the way they do as well as how to manage these.


I have worked with many different individuals, families and cultures. I have a vast experience/interest in working with emotional eaters, fussy eaters, patients with chronic diseases of lifestyle, oncology patients and gut problems. I am also very passionate about breastfeeding counseling. 

I love cooking and helping others to be able to put together healthy and delicious meals for all lifestyles.  


Our bodies should be nourished, respected and loved. Life should be cherished and enjoyed, and food just the same.

So eat right, stay active, pursue health


Magdelie Theron

My goal as a healthcare worker is to be approachable and to provide - not only up to date, scientifically sound information, but help translate guidelines into guidance & support. Achieving and maintaining health is a journey and we all need a little guidance along the way.


Firstly, my sincere hope is to be an advocate for nutrition.  Nourishment, providing the body with what it needs instead of a specific diet.  So often our priorities shift and we forget about this basic function which food provides. We get caught-up in “shiny packaging” or trendiness and convenience.


Secondly, I would very much like to assist clients in realizing that the small steps we take towards living a healthier life today, may have great significance in the future and a major impact on your quality of life as an older person.


My academic background includes BSc Human Life Sciences from Stellenbosch University and BSc (med)(hons) Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Cape Town (2012).  Since then, I’ve worked as hospital based-clinical dietician, assisting clients with a wide variety of health concerns and health-goals.


I’m thrilled to share how nutrition can support you throughout the different stages and phases of life. I particularly enjoy working with older adults, frail - & geriatric care, oncology, disease -related malnutrition as well as renal -nutrition.